The Sunder Hunt Cover
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Kytic May 6, 2021
The last Dragonborn is a reckless healer with minimal combat prowess. She joins the Companions to ripen herself as a warrior but unbeknownst to her the Companions harbor a dark secret. Now ensnared in a sinister deal she will have to sacrifice even more of herself to save the world.


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks. This fan comic is non-commercial, a piece of fan fiction celebrating the love I have for the game.


Surenity June 17, 2021
There were several years where Skyrim was pretty much the only game I played. This should be fun! My favorite playthrough was when I had my character be a homicidal Thalmor who joined the Stormcloaks as a double agent in in order to assure their victory and weaken the Empire, paving the way for a Thalmor takeover of Skyrim. I created heroic characters too on different playthroughs but playing the villain was fun.
Kytic June 17, 2021
Homicidal Thalmor joining the Stormcloaks to undermine the Empire sounds really fantastic of a story. I can 100% see the Thalmor devising that plan. XD
fallopiancrusader July 29, 2021
Wow, it's hard to believe Skyrim will be ten years old this year!
Kytic July 29, 2021
I know, right?! It doesn't feel that long ago, but, then it does. I still love going back to play the game after all this time, and, well, modding is a lot of fun too. XD
ELSANTO January 27, 2022
Hell yeah a comic about Nazeem!!
just kidding just kidding i hate that guy XD

Great artwork btw! :D
Kytic January 30, 2022
Ha! But there could be a comic about Nazeem. A short comic depicting just how sad and miserable his life really is (I mean, I think the dude's wife is sleeping with someone else and they want a divorce but can't cause of finances or something like that. So he takes out his anger on EVERYONE ELSE by being a jerk). Anyways. The dude's a mess and not the most lovable of folk, but this could be some type of edgy HBO story here.

...but I still hate him enough to not pour my artist soul into it. XD

And thank you!
ELSANTO January 31, 2022
Lmao that would be a funny story ngl XD

The Sunder Hunt Cover

May 6, 2021 in Chapter 01