The Sunder Hunt 007
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Eaglet May 20, 2021
Made me think i was on webtoon for a second 0-0
Kytic May 29, 2021
^^ Hehe thanks!

I have this odd love/hate relationship with Webtoons. On one hand, I do enjoy comics posted there, on the other hand, I really prefer page format for comics.
Casscade June 19, 2021
Lovely work with capturing the look of Skyrim in the backgrounds and such! Looks beautiful. ^^
Kytic June 21, 2021
Thank you! What I love about Skyrim, and why I find myself returning to it now and then, is for the environment. The sense of exploring and adventuring through the wilds always gets me.

The Sunder Hunt 007

May 20, 2021 in Chapter 01