The Sunder Hunt 065
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Fry Guy April 25, 2022
Going for the eyes, gotta respect the efficiency.
Kytic April 28, 2022
Vilkas is the Master at Arms, he knows his stuff, but is a bit of a glass canon.
troy8140 April 25, 2022
That's going to leave a mark! :)
Kytic April 28, 2022
Indeed! Her healing skills will be sorely needed after this.
Surenity April 25, 2022
If only there was a member of the Companions who excelled at this sort of thing. Hmmmm.
Kytic April 28, 2022
He's killed one of every living thing in Skyrim, and this is certainly a strange creature to find.
evileeyore April 27, 2022
Sword changed size and design... and why did he take the time to unbuckle the sheathe?

I know, I know, editing error in the artist's favor... ;)

(Just something to put a posty note on to clean up before you ever turn it into a trade for sale)
Kytic April 28, 2022
Hey thanks for the feedback!

I think the size issue might be a perspective thing (that I definitely need to get better at). As for the design change, I'm not quite following. Are you referring to he started with a one-handed sword in ch 1 and now is wielding a two handed sword?

As for the unbuckling the sheathe, for long and great swords the only clean way to draw the sword is to unbuckle the sheathe from the back. I know in the game they don't do this (because there are no sheathes), but this was an area I wanted to reflect reality a tad. It's tough deciding when to add something of reality vs keeping the game logic. Like when they shift into their wereforms they keep their armor/clothes, but in reality that wouldn't be possible. For this comic, I wanted to keep that game logic so that the tone of the story stayed in a certain direction. It's an odd line in the sand to draw sometimes, but I liked the idea of treating the great sword with a little more realism.

The Sunder Hunt 065

April 25, 2022 in Chapter 02