The Sunder Hunt 060
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Surenity March 21, 2022
Can the blood you drink for the werewolf blood ritual give you a hangover?
Gasnix March 21, 2022
I assume it is the hunt itself. Kind of like the crash after an adrenaline fueled experience?
Kytic March 24, 2022
Technically, yes? One can interrupt the loss of control, wiped memory, and waking up groggy as such. :)
Fry Guy March 21, 2022
Oh they have an actual ritual cave out back. I thought it was a dream cave.
Kytic March 24, 2022
Yup! Actual ritual cave out back. They've been spreading the werewolf disease for decades at this point.
Gasnix March 26, 2022
Surely you mean passing down the gift, not spreading the disease.
Kytic March 26, 2022
I mean, yes, of course. ;) (Depends who you ask).

The Sunder Hunt 060

March 21, 2022 in Chapter 02