The Sunder Hunt 055
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Fry Guy February 14, 2022
What a helpful person! Kudos, creepy deer thing.
Kytic February 16, 2022
XD Helpful, but only so far as he gets something out of it.
Trantor February 14, 2022
Help for Farkas. But for sure this will come with a price - sooner or later.
Because such a gift is not for free.
Kytic February 16, 2022
Yuuuup! Hircine never gives things for free, everything must be earned by his ethos.
Surenity February 15, 2022
The Gods obviously have their own motives for helping mortals. Otherwise they’d be trying to end Skyrim’s civil war.
Kytic February 16, 2022
Indeed! And let's just say Hircine has had his eye on this hunter of dragons for a while.
Gasnix February 17, 2022
How do you resolve the champion issue in this story? Since the dragonborn already is a champion of meridia, is hircine interested because or in spite of the fact? Also, yes, I get it, im jumping the gun here [this might not be about being a champion at all], but I just wonder.

But im legit hoping the dawnguard has a presence in this story, since the drahonborn really could use some resto dmg spells.
Kytic February 18, 2022
I don’t want to spoil the story too much here, but I will say that while the Dragonborn has the Dawnbreaker, she chose to keep the sword but not spread the word of Meridia. I interpreted this as not becoming her Champion.

Other Daedric relics seem to always come with the price of being their Champion, having one’s soul promised to them. One either becomes a Champion to get the relic, or one leaves empty handed. With Meridia being one of the kinder Daedric Lords, I interpreted the situation that as long as the Dragonborn is cleansing the world of the undead, that’s good enough for Meridia, no Championship or soul needed, since either option to accept or reject Meridia still gives you Dawnbreaker.

I like the Dragonborn having this in her backstory as it’s her first interaction with a Daedric Lord before the story starts, and it was an overall positive experience (despite the heart attack she got upon “A NEW HAND TOUCHES THE BEACON!”). Now, the Dragonborn is a little too trusting of Daedric Lords, more naïve than she should be.
Gasnix February 24, 2022
Ohh I very much like that Meridia explanation. So perhaps because DB is such a powerful healer, Meridia hopes she will come across a powerful warrior to heal, who might become the champion eventually, thus DB fulfilling a role other than the champ.

Good story, though I would have expected the heart attack to come when the necromancer in the sanctum casts the first ice storm. That is where I start crying, personally.

Cannot wait for DB to eventually just naturally become a stealth archer, cheers xD
E February 18, 2022
This is so amazing, you are incredibly talented! I am hooked, can't wait for more!
Kytic February 18, 2022
Thank you! I'm glad you're hooked and enjoying it! :)
Casscade March 2, 2022
I dunno, I have a bad feeling about this! XD Maybe think twice before taking up his offer!
Great character design! (I don't remember if this was a character that was in the game or not, but regardless looks cool! XD)
Kytic March 6, 2022
The Dragonborn never thinks twice. XD The Dragonborn just leaps before looking.
And glad you like the character design! Hircine only shows up in the game as a white stag, but Hircine has many different aspects/appearances and I wanted to create something new for this comic.
windwyrm May 1, 2022
Seems legit
Kytic May 4, 2022
Though I'd recommend she consult a lawyer next time.
xyzzy May 18, 2022
If I ever have to meet a magical mythical allpowerful dream beast, I don't want to be in my skivvies.
Kytic May 19, 2022
Agreed! Too much uncomfortableness and too much of a breeze!

The Sunder Hunt 055

February 14, 2022 in Chapter 02