The Sunder Hunt 054
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Fry Guy February 7, 2022
Is it a deer man? Creepy.
Kytic February 9, 2022
Deer + many other things man. :)
someone February 8, 2022
A man from the forest in the ocean.

Well it's definitely not Hermaeus Mora, the Woodland Man, Gardener of Men, Daedric Lord of Secret Knowledge! Nope, not at all. Can't be.
Kytic February 9, 2022
Hmmm that would have probably (maybe) been better for the Dragonborn, but alas, it's a different Daedric Prince approaching her.
someone February 11, 2022
Hircine then. Makes sense with the whole werewolf thing. But I just liked the idea of an ocean forest for Herma-Mora...
Surenity February 8, 2022
I wonder if this is before she does that one mission with the werewolf in Falkwreath.
Kytic February 9, 2022
Technically yes! She's not come across that mission yet, and she didn't really study daedras in college soo....she's going into this recklessly naïve.
Casscade March 2, 2022
Loving the coloring style used for the dream/vision sequence! Looks really neat!
Catching on pages I've missed has been a real treat for my eyes so far! XD So many pretty pages! Haha!
Kytic March 6, 2022
Thank you again! It was really fun to design the dreamspace in this way. I needs different color/lighting schemes or I start to get bored when coloring. XD

The Sunder Hunt 054

February 7, 2022 in Chapter 02