The Sunder Hunt 049
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Surenity January 3, 2022
Awww now we can’t get rid of her. T.T
Kytic January 8, 2022
XD As much as Vilkas would love it, I'm not going to Ned Stark my main character and have her removed from the picture.
Kytic January 8, 2022
Wow, this meme from my friend. I love her head cannon of Vilkas, always so fiery over his petty passions. And KODLAK'S FACE. It kills me every time I see it! XD She does all her edits in Microsoft PAINT. I have to give her mad cred for that.

MillieHillie January 9, 2022
Oh no, whatever will they do now that they can't get rid of her.
Kytic January 11, 2022
Everyone else: Cool.
Vilkas: *Plants a permanent sneer on his face*

The Sunder Hunt 049

January 3, 2022 in Chapter 02