The Sunder Hunt 048
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Surenity December 28, 2021
I guess they haven’t seen that before if they haven’t realized that yet. But now they know she knows.
Kytic December 31, 2021
Yeah it's new to all of them, and definitely something the Dragonborn doesn't know how to treat. Now the cat's outta the bag at least!
Kytic January 1, 2022
I don't know what to say about this meme from my friend, but it brought me to tears:
Casscade January 15, 2022
Secret's out! Love the dialogue btw!
(lol the sweetroll meme!)
Kytic January 23, 2022
Thank you! :)
(I LOVE the memes my friend creates. She has such a brilliant, funny mind.)

The Sunder Hunt 048

December 27, 2021 in Chapter 02