The Sunder Hunt 046
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Surenity December 13, 2021
Fortunately it’s not his call. Hopefully she’ll win him over eventually.
Kytic December 13, 2021
Indeed, though, he is the Master of Arms of the Companions. Her stay would be a heck of a lot better if she can win him over for sure.
Kytic December 13, 2021
Another meme from my friend!


For the record, I like pineapple on pizza and all sorts of odd pizza toppings. Does this mean I'm not a Companion? XD
Maval December 14, 2021
I really like your art style and attention to detail with everyone's armors. I've played an unhealthy amount of Skyrim over the years and it feels like you hit everything perfectly.
Kytic December 14, 2021
Thank you! :D I love Skyrim so much, it's a game I can play again and again.
Casscade January 15, 2022
The silvery arms/face. It's spreading rapidly. Poor baby. ;.;
Kytic January 23, 2022
Yeah. :( If it was anyone other than Farkas, it would have probably killed them already.

The Sunder Hunt 046

December 13, 2021 in Chapter 02