The Sunder Hunt 042
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Surenity November 22, 2021
“Sure am. Now are you going to help me lug these dragon bones back to Whiterun?”
Kytic November 24, 2021
Ha! YES. I may or may not have used my followers for such purposes. Them bones are heavy!
evileeyore January 4, 2022
So many long, slow, overburdened walks back to anywhere you can safely stash/sell and get your weight back down for quick traveling... (>﹏<)
Kytic January 8, 2022
OH YEAH. It's why in second play throughs I just counsel command create dragon bones/scales for crafting. >.> I know it's cheating, but, quality of life.

The Sunder Hunt 042

November 22, 2021 in Chapter 02