The Sunder Hunt 041
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Surenity November 19, 2021
Poor dragon. Could have gone after almost anyone else in Skyrim and had no problem eating them.
Kytic November 22, 2021
Yes, poor dragon indeed. XD I mean, I do feel bad for some of these dragons, even though they are out to conquer all of mortal life.
Surenity November 22, 2021
Killing dragons was never really my favorite part of the game, but of course it’s necessary.
Casscade January 15, 2022
Oof! Right in the eye! @.@
Kytic January 23, 2022
It's the only soft spot not protected by scales and skull! But yes, a bit gruesome. >_<
xyzzy May 18, 2022
Dragon have owie? Kiss and make better?
Kytic May 19, 2022
Alduin could kiss and make it better, but he ain't around this section of Skyrim atm. ;)

The Sunder Hunt 041

November 18, 2021 in Chapter 02