The Sunder Hunt 038
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Surenity November 9, 2021
Ah Aela, how you tease. I want them to go further down the road and run into Cicero.
Kytic November 14, 2021
XD Ah good old Cicero. The dude creeps me out, but then I never really got into the Dark Brotherhood storyline to know if there's more to him.
Surenity November 15, 2021
He’s one of my favorite characters. I love the voice acting that went with him too. Has a pretty screwed up past if you read his journals. My one critique of that storyline is how rushed it becomes if you decide to betray the Brotherhood, which if you’re not playing an evil Dragonborn is probably what you’d end up doing.
Casscade November 15, 2021
"With Farkas?" LMFAO! XD How awkward!
Kytic November 16, 2021
Oh yeah. XD Aela's got it all wrong but it's not like the Dragonborn can fess up the truth.

The Sunder Hunt 038

November 8, 2021 in Chapter 02