The Sunder Hunt 002
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Greg March 25, 2022
Don't Nords typically actually like restoration magic? Dialogue from Skyrim's guards typically or makes fun of most magic, but the only things they say about Restoration is that they respect it and Skyrim can always use more healers. Which makes sense both since it's a lot more straightforward and helpful compared to a lot of magic (doesn't aid in deception or manipulate people like Illusion magic, doesn't kill things like Destruction, doesn't modify the laws of reality like Alteration, it literally just heals people), and because it's often used by priests, which would naturally give it a more benevolent reputation and make it more familiar to Skyrim's inhabitants.
Kytic March 25, 2022
Oh this is just a Vilkas problem. He didn't take her seriously and had his guard down, and thus got defeated. His wounded pride denies help and pokes at her being a mage (regardless that she's just a healer) as a divider between them.

Any other Nord would have accepted her healing help, but for someone stubborn like Vilkas, not so much.
scottygroundhog April 20, 2022
good boy farkas! good come! who's a good boy!
Kytic April 23, 2022
Farkas is a good boy. XD
nekaz April 29, 2022
shiet i aint played skyrim in almost a decade and i still vageuly recall this
Kytic May 4, 2022
It was a pivotal moment for me, the first time I felt my character had been really questioned by an NPC.
windwyrm May 1, 2022
She totally whistled between his name and "come here"
Kytic May 4, 2022
Oh yeah. XD Farkas is a good puppers.

The Sunder Hunt 002

May 9, 2021 in Chapter 01