The Sunder Hunt 037
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Author Notes:

Kytic September 23, 2021
Vilkas is worried his brother hasn't eaten yet, so he would be have been furious if that sweet roll had dropped too.


Surenity November 5, 2021
It’s not what it looks like!
Dranask November 6, 2021
It never is .
Kytic November 7, 2021
Kytic November 7, 2021
XD Poor Dragonborn, no way she'd be able to convince him otherwise.
Casscade November 15, 2021
Lmao!! XD
I have to say, Farkas was always a favorite of mine in the game. But your take on Vilkas has like bumped up my love for Vilkas like a lot a lot. XD lol I love how you've written him so far.
Kytic November 16, 2021
Muwahahah, I mean, excellent! That makes me happy to hear I'm writing Vilkas well. :)
windwyrm May 1, 2022
"What were you doing in my brother's room" "GOTTARUNBYE" well that won't get him suspecting a million wrong things at all
Kytic May 4, 2022
XD He'll want to scrub a few suspicions from memory.

The Sunder Hunt 037

November 4, 2021 in Chapter 02