The Sunder Hunt 031
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Surenity October 19, 2021
They could have done this ceremony after giving that poor guy some time to recuperate.
Kytic October 22, 2021
They should have, but them Companions so desperate for new recruits (minus Vilkas) ;).
Tyg3rW01f October 23, 2021
pretty sure Farkas is suffering silver poisoning, and the Dragonborn didn't quite realize that.
Kytic October 26, 2021
Mmmmhmmm :)
Casscade November 15, 2021
Dat Vilkas glare. o.o
Aww! Poor Farkas still having a rough time. :(
Kytic November 16, 2021
Vilkas loves glaring, it's a hobby of his. XD And yeah, poor Farkas, it's gonna be a bit rough for him.

The Sunder Hunt 031

October 18, 2021 in Chapter 01