The Sunder Hunt 029
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Casscade October 11, 2021
Hope Farkas is going to be okay. ;.; Poor guy!
Beautiful job with the backgrounds! I love the blue/aqua-ish tones you used for the areas farther away, very pretty!
Kytic October 11, 2021
Aye thank you! I try to remember atmospheric effects like that, the distant fog in the game.
Surenity October 12, 2021
“So…would this be a bad time to ask you to carry my burdens? That draugr had this really badass ebony axe, and…okay fine, I’ll chuck some dragon bones.”

I love the art on this page! Totally accurate to the game.
Kytic October 15, 2021
Haha, yes! XD

And thank you. ^^

The Sunder Hunt 029

October 11, 2021 in Chapter 01