The Sunder Hunt 027
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Surenity October 5, 2021
Eek. I wonder what happens if you use a healing potion or spell when you have an arrowhead stuck in you. I bet the Dragonborn probably has several under their skin. Scary thought.
Kytic October 6, 2021
I would hope that it would...pop out? Maybe? But if not, well, I guess you get some extra iron? XD
Kytic October 6, 2021
Another parody from my friend: XD

Casscade October 11, 2021
Oof! Whatever that is, it looks like it'd be painful. o.o
The hand holding panel. ;.; Cute!
Kytic October 11, 2021
^^ She would have liked the whole handholding thing BEFORE she found out he was a werewolf :P Aw well.

The Sunder Hunt 027

October 4, 2021 in Chapter 01