The Sunder Hunt 025
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Casscade September 23, 2021
Running away like a coward! He's lucky he isn't chasing after him for lunch. XD

Aww! I like the change in the eyes to show he's in control and not completely feral in the moment.
Kytic September 27, 2021
XD He would see it as more life preservation than being a coward! (But he's definitely a coward).

And thank you! Needed some visual que for that ;)
Surenity September 24, 2021
Aw is that any way to repay him? He looks so sad.
Kytic September 27, 2021
He's having a rough day for sure, but she's legitimately scared by this whole werewolf thing.
Guest September 27, 2021
Well. I'm sold. Having recently had my life absorbed by Skyrim again this comic is quite enjoyable. I will be adding this to my rotation of comics.
Kytic September 27, 2021
Awesome! That made my day. I'm glad to hear it and glad you are enjoying it thus far. :)
Kytic September 27, 2021
Another parody from my friend: XD

windwyrm May 1, 2022
Puppy eyes and everything
Kytic May 4, 2022
He's such a simple, sweet boy.

The Sunder Hunt 025

September 23, 2021 in Chapter 01