The Sunder Hunt 020
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Kytic August 19, 2021
How my friend sees my comic in a nutshell right now:

Surenity August 20, 2021
Anyone know any necromancy spells?
Kytic August 23, 2021
Oh man, that would be a morbid way to take this story. XD Sadly, the dragonborn did not study that school of magic.
Surenity August 24, 2021
Imagine the Dragonborn returning to Jorrvaskr with zombie Farkas.
Dragonborn: Uhhh, he’s fine! I swear!
Farkas: *groans and crumples into dust*
Dragonborn: …Sigh, okay, we failed. I’ll just go join the Dawnguard or something.
Kytic August 26, 2021
LOL that would be hilarious and not fun for her. XD I imagine the rest of the Companions would not take too kindly to this outcome.
Casscade August 25, 2021
I'm hoping that's just tomato sauce and not blood. ;.; lmao
Poor Farkas! Hope he can come out of this alive!
Kytic August 26, 2021
Definitely not tomato sauce ;)

*Now goes mum to not spoil anything*
windwyrm May 1, 2022
See I'm here pretty much because of the "how it started / how it's going" meme you posted in the forums.
So I laughed at this page. Sorry not sorry
Kytic May 4, 2022
LOL! I told my friend her meme is why you are here and she is beyond flattered. And don't be sorry, the meme is too good.

The Sunder Hunt 020

August 19, 2021 in Chapter 01