The Sunder Hunt 069
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someone May 23, 2022
Is that... fur? Coming out of his ears?

Amusingly enough, the first time I played through the Companions questline in Skyrim, my character was a Khajiit. (And well, if I had known it involved getting turned into a werewolf, I wouldn't have done it with that character, because for a cat, getting turned into a dog is obviously a big downgrade.) Anyways, here I go through the streets in my regular catfolk shape, and there's a guard that makes the remark about furry ears, and I'm like, what, that's the first time this guy saw a Khajiit or what?

It's only after replaying the Companions with a non-kitty character that I got that it was actually a comment about lycanthropy.
Fry Guy May 23, 2022
Remember kids: Cursing your enemies is all fun and games, unless they're already cursed. Then things get messy. Be mindful about who and when you curse someone.
Surenity May 24, 2022
Nooo, the dragon is suddenly good now, don’t hurt it!

The Sunder Hunt 069

May 23, 2022 in Chapter 02