Happy One Year Anniversary to The Sunder Hunt!

by Kytic on May 6, 2022
Happy One Year Anniversary to The Sunder Hunt!

I can't believe it's been one year since I started uploading this comic.  Time sure does fly!  And while it's only been one year since publishing this comic to the world wide web, I've been working on it for over three years at this point.

I’m eternally grateful to everyone who is reading this.  Your comments, ratings, and general engagement mean a lot to me and I’m humbled yet excited by your interest in my story.  It’s scary to put something I have created for others to see, but it’s also very thrilling.  Thank you a million for taking your time to read this and I hope you enjoy the rest of the ride!

The Sunder Hunt is planned to have 9 chapters.  I’m currently doing the art for chapter 4 and script editing chapter 6.  Chapter 5 is ready for art and chapters 7, 8, and 9 are ready for script editing.  Each chapter varies in page length, from anywhere between 32 pages to 60 pages.  I think by the time it’s all done it’ll be about 350 pages long, give or take a couple dozen pages or so.

Also to celebrate, you can check out some artwork I did of Vilkas and Farkas – I am tickled by their personality contrasts and wanted to try my hand at some lighting to showcase that.



Casscade May 9, 2022
Congrats!!!! I have a lot of catching up to do, but so far it's been a blast! ^^
HHHHHHGH The Vilkas and Farkas pics! SO GOOD! Love how much personality you gave both of them in both the comic and drawings!
Kytic May 9, 2022
Thank you! ^^ I have fun with those two brothers, there's a lot of character dynamic between them. XD
ChaosFarseer May 13, 2022
Wow I read this post three times and missed the artwork. Didn't realize those were links. Those came out very nicely! Happy anniversary to the Sunder Hunt!
Kytic May 14, 2022
Thank you! I should make those links more noticeable now that you point that out. :)