Santa in April?!

by Kytic on April 8, 2022
Oh this meme from my friend:

Poor Kodlak. Also, Vilkas is such a petulant child in my friend's eyes. XD


someone April 8, 2022
That would have been perfect to post on April 1 without further explanation. :)
Kytic April 10, 2022
YES! If the timing had worked out, that would have been gold! XD
Aluers April 9, 2022
well done rework
Kytic April 10, 2022
I like to think my friend is very clever and I always welcome her parodies.
Surenity April 9, 2022
That smile on his face when he hears the thuds was what got me.

I feel like Santa wouldn’t have many stops to make in a place like Skyrim.
Kytic April 10, 2022
Right?! That smile, and then his vindictive smile on the next page really got me too.

Yeah, Santa would have a very small job in Skyrim. Maybe his easiest route yet.