Fanart of The Sunder Hunt!

by Kytic on November 22, 2021
My friend Negazeia did a beautiful fanart of my Dragonborn!  Check out how amazing it turned out:

And for anyone who hasn't seen the Fanart forum here on ComicFury, Casscade made an amazing bust of my Dragonborn, full of personality in her wonderful style!


Surenity November 22, 2021
They look nice! I kind of fear the day that someone does fanart of my comic and draws the characters better than I do.
Kytic November 24, 2021
But on the other hand it's a huge compliment that someone was inspired by your characters and story to draw them, right? :)
Surenity November 26, 2021
That’s true, and probably the better way to look at it. I’m not going to be one of those stuck-up creators who ban all fan work.
K December 7, 2021
Out of curiosity, is this going to be a vilkasxdragonborn story??
Kytic December 8, 2021