Two Updates a Week till end of November!

by Kytic on October 3, 2021

The Sunder Hunt will update two times a week from now until the end of November to honor Skyrim's 10 year anniversary!

Updates will be Monday and Thursday morning, starting tomorrow!

Then in December The Sunder Hunt will continue updating on Mondays.


Surenity October 4, 2021
Oh goodie, looking forward to more. Hard to believe Skyrim is a decade old, I still think of it as relatively new. I also have a hard time thinking of anything from after 2000 as retro, so there you go.
Panda Cop October 21, 2021
Panda Cop
Lol i never even played skyrim, but i saw this and i was like hey this looks like skyrim. I guess that means you did a good job
Kytic October 22, 2021
Hey thank you! I'm glad I nailed it even for non-Skyrim players. :)