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The Sunder Hunt is a Skyrim fan comic that tells an alternative story of the Companions questline:

The last Dragonborn is a reckless healer with minimal combat prowess.  She joins the Companions to ripen herself as a warrior but unbeknownst to her the Companions harbor a dark secret.  Now ensnared in a sinister deal she will have to sacrifice even more of herself to save the world.  


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Skyrim Glossary:
If you've never played Skyrim I have a glossary to help explain some of the terms that come up in the comic below.

  • Akatosh – The Dragon God of Time and chief god of the pantheon.
  • Arkay – God of the Cycle of Life, Death, and Mortals burials and funeral rites.
  • Daedra – The inhabitants of the realms of Oblivion.  They are viewed as either gods or demons.  The most powerful of the Daedra are referred to as Daedric Princes.
  • Dovahkiin – Means “Dragonborn” in the Dragon’s tongue.  To be Dragonborn is to have the blood of dragons, able to easily wield and withstand Dragon Shouts (called “Thu’ums” in the Dragon’s tongue). 
  • Draugr – Undead Nordic warriors of Skyrim.
  • Kyne – Is the Nordic shorthand for Kynareth.  Kynareth is the Goddess of air, wind, sky, and the elements.
  • Mara – Goddess of Love and compassion, the Mother Goddess.  Restoration Mages tend to abide by Mara.
  • Talos – Hero-god of Mankind, conqueror God, God of Might, Honor, State, Law, Man, War and Governance.
  • Thu’um – Also referred to as Storm Voice, the Voice, or a Dragon Shout.  It is a form of magic which utilizes the Dragon Language to form Dragon Shouts of immense power.  Those who are Dragonborn can easily wield a Thu’um without years of training.
  • Shor –  Shor is the Nordic representation of the god Lorkhan.  While not worshipped as one of the Nine (or Eight if you abide by Thalmor law) Lorkhan is claimed as the King of Gods alongside Akatosh.  Lorkhan is an et’Ada (Original Spirit) most directly responsible for the existence of Nirn (the world sometimes referred to as Mundus – the mortal plane of existence).  Basically when the characters swear by Shor, they are swearing to a really ancient god.
  • Ysmir – Is the Nordic aspect of Talos.  According to the Greybeards, the name “Ysmir” is also a title which means “Dragon of the North.”  It was given to the Emperor Tiber Septim, who withstood the power of the Greybeards’ Thu’um, they recognized him as a Dragonborn.

Dragon Shouts:


The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is the intellectual property of Bethesda Softworks.  This fan comic is non-commercial, a piece of fan fiction celebrating the love I have for the game.